Warhol/Pop art

Pop art is images seen in popular culture.  A person who created pop art images was Andy Warhol. His images are considered pop art because he took pictures of popular people, then edited them to make them colorful and different. If I were to describe his work, it would be unique and colorful. I chose him because I really like his work. I believe he was pretty creative with his work.



Raw files are bigger than jpeg. The difference between them is that raw is bigger and jpeg file small. I would shoot raw because its bigger, and you can capture more. When you’re sharing a raw file or opening it to edit it you need to convert it to a jpeg. You can make copies of it.

Alphabet photography

I learned a lot of new things from this class. I learned how to use a camera. Another thing that I learned was how to use certain lighting to your advantage. Another thing I learned was how to use photoshop.  I also learned how to use a stand for the camera.

Photography career tree

A job I would consider would be being a portrait photographer. Some responsibilities that come with this job would be communicating with the clients. Another thing would be making sure you schedule things correctly and carefully.  Provide a comfortable environment for your clients. The average salary of a portrait photographer would be 50k a year. I enjoy taking portraits so I would probably enjoy this job. In order to have this job you need to have a bachelor’s degree.

Camera modes

Automatic mode

Automatic mode sets your cameras shutter speed, ISO, focus, aperture, and even flash.

Portrait mode

Portrait mode will make your camera select a large aperture; this helps with your background.

Macro mode 

Macro mode will let you move closer to your subject and allows you to take an up-close picture. It’s great for shooting flowers, insects, or other small objects.

Landscape mode

Landscape mode is the opposite of portrait mode. It will set your camera to a small aperture. It will make your scene be in focus.

Sports mode

Sports mode allows you to photograph moving objects.

Night mode 

Night mode will set your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help capture details of the background.

Movie mode 

Movie mode will extend your digital camera from just capturing still images to moving ones.

Aperture priority 

Aperture priority is when you can choose the aperture and your camera chooses the rest.

Shutter priority

Shutter Priority is when you select a shutter speed, and the camera chooses the rest.

Program mode 

Program mode is full auto mode.

Manual mode 

Manual mode is when you have full control over the camera.